Belfast - New mural !

'The Dream' - Belfast / Northern Ireland as part of 'Hit The North - street art festival' - So pleased to finally reveal my latest mural, this time in Belfast, great to be back for my second year painting for HTN, at the crazy Culture Night city festival! Every mural I do is a challenge, and this was particularly challenging. In total, it was around 11 hours from start to finish, all freehand, all by eye. Painting under pressure I think fuelled me to complete this quickly! It really captures the mood and feeling that I wanted to put across, something different from my rain soaked Tokyo cityscapes. A sense of stillness, beauty, calm and dreaming, the geisha emerging rom the darkness with one solitary spotlight. Waiting to unfurl, like a butterfly as the light warms her, she smiles and holds the folds of her glistering kimono closer to her - image based on my photography of Model: Ayumi LaNoire

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