Dallas, Texas
Downtown Dallas, when I was painting a huge mural in Deep Ellum
Based on my travels to Tokyo - I miss japan so much!
NYC shopping
based on my last trip in Feb to NYC
China Town - NYC
Tokyo Hidden Streets
freehand digital
'Waiting In The Rain' - Hong Kong
Print also available
Walker Street - East Village
'East Village - Walker Street, NYC' - A bitter cold morning cityscape, based on my photography from my recent mural painting trip to NYC. Heading back to Bowery from running along the Hudson, light exploding over the horizon and down the streets, so bright, intense lighting. Freehand digital painting, IpadPRO, Procreate
'Back to reality'
'Back to Reality' - Freehand digital painting - based on my rainy return to the UK after flying back from sunny Miami last year - after painting my epic mural at Wynwood Walls! I did miss the UK and strangely, missed the rainy motorways and the M25, yes I am crazy
Merry Christmas !
A little speed painting to wish everyone a Merry Xmas 2019!
Driving back from the Dentist in Essex in the pouring rain!
Skyway - Jersey City
'Skyway' - This morning's speed painting based on my recent mural painting trip to Jersey City. This is the Pulaski Skyway bridge, amazing old industrial structures in Jersey City, I love this historical architecture. Everyday painting my mural, I could look across and see the bridge, and after a long days painting, as the sunset, this inspired me to snap some shots of the bridge, this painting is based on those pics!
NyC subway
Tokyo mists
'Vending Machines - Tokyo'
vietnam - Hoi An
Here's my new painting based on my travels in Vietnam. I wanted to focus this painting on the day time and the stark contrast with the blasting white sun light, and the extremely rich colours of the flowers and the deep dark shadows underneath. The candid characters going about their daily lives, i am fascinated by capturing these unposed, natural moments in time. Freehand, no effects, tracing, or image manipulation, based on my own photography,
Tokyo alley
Freehand digital painting based on my trips to Tokyo
'Night Rider'
'Night Rider - Vietnam' - Here's my latest painting based on my travels in Vietnam a few years back. Such a beautiful country with amazing diverse places and such incredibly friendly and hospitable people. Such an inspiring trip.
'New Horizons'
My latest freehand digital painting
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