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'Street Geisha' - New mural

‘Street Geisha - Brick Lane’ - I am fascinated by the visual texture and tapestry of the streets. Walking through London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the walls have a grime, and beauty all of their own. Tags, graffiti and stickers seem to appear like mould, organic and growing over surfaces, over murals. I regularly paint on Brick Lane, and after time my work is tagged and this then s[reads to larger tags, and eventually the wall, the mural is returned back to the wall so to speak, I love this lifespan, the nature of street art, the transitionary nature, it doesn’t last forever. So for this piece I wanted to integrate the tags, graffiti into the geisha itself. She is part of the tags, they form part of her, and she emerges from the grimy textures ion the wall, layers of paint over the years pushing her forward from the wall. I also like the contrast from the grimes tagged wall texture and the delicate beauty of the geisha, an interesting juxtaposition

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