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'Neon Waves'

'Neon Waves' - Original painting on canvas! Really excited to be able to show this large-scale new acrylic / spray paint painting on canvas, fresh from my studio! It's 40 x 40 inches ( 100cm x 100cm ) and is based on my last trip to my favourite city, Tokyo! I was inspired by my wanderings one rainy night in Shinjuku, where i was literally laying in puddles in the street to get some reference shots for my paintings, I was in neon, rainy heaven! I love the sense of anticipation with this, as people line up on the pavement edge, such beautiful iridescence reflected in the puddles and rain drops in the road, another macro world of colour pools, swirls and light, even though the painting has a large overall scale and depth, its the tiny details of the road in the foreground that excite me creatively!

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