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'A Sense Of Calm'

'A Sense Of Calm' Seam Reap, Cambodia / Bayon Temple - So I have been painting some different paintings recently, nature at it's finest in fact. This painting is based on my trip to Seam Reap / Cambodia last year. I was immediately struck by the lighting, and the pose of the Macaque monkey, the way the light illuminated his fur subtly, like a gentle glow. But the main draw was his pose, and the look of sadness in his eyes, a distance gaze, as though he was day dreaming, out of the blazing sun of Cambodia, he was taken refuge in the cool shade of the Bayon Temples many rooms. With all the pain, sadness and fear of late, for me, i am becoming more drawn to these type of scenes, to explore the beauty of life and celebrate the beauty of the world around all.

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