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'Light Dancer’ - I am very excited to reveal my new limited edition print with a very special edition !

Each print is signed and numbered on 300gsm artist archival paper stock.


There is the main edition of 50 prints and also an extensively hand finished AP or ‘artist proof’ edition, each of which has hand finished elements by the artist making each a unique piece of artwork in itself.

Also there is the very limited ‘Iridescence’ metallic print.


This amazing print is printed on an incredible reflective, iridescence metallic paper, the colours reflecting light and creating an amazing effect for the neon colours of the print. This truly looks stunning in sunlight and really creates a unique print. Each iridescence print has metallic hand finishing and is signed and numbered.


Main edition size: 50 prints - £95.00 
Extensively hand finished option ( AP/artist proof ) -£125.00
‘Iridescence’ special edition is limited to 10 prints only - £200.00
Each print is signed and numbered
Size: 80cm x 60cm ( A1 approx )

Shipping worldwide


'Light Dancer' - Main edition of 50

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