Global murals

Brick Lane - London
Dark City
Penge, London
Cheltenham, UK
35ft x 25ft freehand spray paint - for Cheltenham Borough Homes / Cheltenham Paint Festival
Essex - UK
'Cobbles' - based on photographs taken whilst painting my murals in Belfast, Ireland
Hull - UK
The new exterior mural at 'Nang Chicken' - 13 Anlaby Rd, HULL
London, Commercial St.
New mural on Commerical Street East london
Shoreditch - 'Calloo Callay' Bar
My internal mural commission at the famous Shoreditch Bar
Chelsea, West London
Calloo Callay Bar in Kings Road, Chelsea
Hull - UK
Huge freehand mural of my 'Queen Of Colours'
Rivington St. East London
Calloo Callay bar door commissioned mural
East London, UK
Omoide Yokocho 思い出横丁 - Jerome Street - East London
Brick Lane, London
'Queen Of Colours' - my latest mural, this time back in East London
Cheltenham UK
The Feathered Fish Pub
Brick Lane - london
Red Square mural - decided to start painting city's that i have been fortunate enough to paint in!
Essex UK
Mural 8 - from the lockdown session mural challenge
Essex UK
Lockdown sessions - mural 7
Essex - UK
To celebrate the half way mark in my 12 murals in 12 weeks lockdown challenge - I received a commission to paint a wall locally to me. I haven't actually painted a mural in my home town, i am always overseas in Tokyo, Hong Kong, USA etc so it seemed a great chance to get my work up locally and hopefully brighten some peoples days. A relatively speedy paint, but a good Sunday morning's paint session. Strict social distancing adhered to of course. ( NB: if you are local please DON'T travel to see
Essex - UK
Lockdown mural 5
Essex - UK
'Lockdown Sessions - Mural 4' - Here's my 4th studio mural for the end of the 4th lockdown week! It's based on the crossroads on Bowery, NYC where I was lucky enough to be staying whilst painting my NYC mural at First Class Tattoos in China Town in Feb. Freehand spray paint. Full time lapse coming soon
Essex - UK
Lockdown Sessions - Mural 3 -
Essex UK
My 2nd wall during the lockdown crisis, Covid19 - i am painting 12 murals during the 12 week lockdown!
Essex - UK
Future Tokyo - Street Racers
East London
Clifton Street
NYC - 'First Class Tattoos'
Here's my latest mural, this time at First Class Tattoo's in China Town, NYC ! Fantastic time painting this mural in the super cool East Village, NYC, love New York! Check out the full process from my channel
'Tokyo Dreams'
Freehand, freestyle wall, Essex UK
Essex - UK
3rd mural of 2020!! Small eye mural at my studio, freehand spray paint with a dash of paint marker
Essex - UK
'Big Boss' - freehand spray paint
London / Brick Lane
First mural of 2020, New Years Day - and a loose, freestyle freehand Tokyo tags street scene
Miami, Florida - 'Wynwood Walls'
My wall for Miami - 'Wynwood Walls'
Brick Lane - London
‘Street Geisha - Brick Lane’ - I am fascinated by the visual texture and tapestry of the streets. Walking through London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, the walls have a grime, and beauty all of their own. Tags, graffiti and stickers seem to appear like mould, organic and growing over surfaces, over murals. I regularly paint on Brick Lane, and after time my work is tagged and this then s[reads to larger tags, and eventually the wall, the mural is returned back to the wall so to speak,
Essex - UK
'New Horizons'
New Rochelle - USA
Latest mural
East Village - NYC
Jersey City - USA
Texas - USA
Bristol - UK
I am really excited to finally reveal my interior mural commission in Bristol from last month! I had to hold off posting the mural until the new offices were open and everyone had seen it in the flesh first. It's in the Electricity building in Bristol and is InsideAsiaTours incredible huge new offices. I had an amazing time back in Brizzle painting this futuristic Tokyo back street. Freehand spray paint, all by eye.
Cheltenham, UK
30ft x 25ft - freehand spray paint
Moscow - Odinstovo
My huge 50ft x 50ft freehand spray paint wall in Moscow!
'Hong Kong - Puddles'
Brick Lane - East London
Naas Festival - UK
4m x 8m - freehand spray paint - all by eye
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Penge, London