'New Horizons'

My latest freehand digital painting based on my recent trip up to North Wales. I love these beautiful motorways, sun light and a sense of calm.

'Tokyo Walk' - Original painting

40 x 30 inches / signed and original / deep edged box canvas / ready to hang contact dankitchener@googlemail.com for purchase enquiries

'Blurry Lines' - Original painting

My latest large scale canvas painting - 'Blurry Lines' / 60 x 48 inches - signed and original artwork email: dankitchener@googlemail.com for all enquiries

'Milan Tracks'

Milan Tracks - Here's this morning post Milan speed painting! Waiting on the platform on the metro in Milan, I was fascinated by the tunnels of their underground, I managed to get some great reference pics, and this [painting is based on one such photograph. I did have a loud tannoy announcement whilst I was happily snapping away, and think they were telling me to stop photographing...no idea why??? Anyway, loved painting this, really captures that dark, underground labyrinth, another world just steps away from the bustle and chaos of the rush hour metro platforms...hidden worlds within worlds

Milan / Italy

Looperfest 2019 / Milan, Italy - Here's my completed double panel mural for this years amazing Looperfest in Milan, Italy with Loop spray paint. My third time painting at this awesome event and it gets bigger and better every year.

‘Hong Kong Alleys ‘

‘Hong Kong Alleys ‘- continuing my series of paintings based on my fascination with the back streets and alley ways of Hong Kong and Tokyo. The sense of escape, limbo worlds, spaces between worlds, motionless tome standing still - something very strange about these spaces. Something magical. Freehand digital painting - no effects no tracing no filters - all by eye, freehand, one brush

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For commission enquiries canvas and walls - please email dankitchener@googlemail.com

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