'Speedway - Tokyo'

'Tokyo Speedway' - This morning's speed painting! Back to high definition, vivid colours this morning, with this futuristic interpretation of speeding through Tokyo

'The Young Assassin'

'The Young Assassin' - So continuing my Future Tokyo series of grey scale works, here's my latest mural, 30ft x 10ft ( approx ) freehand spray paint! I loved painting this, sunshine and a black wall, and just dealing with tone rather than colour, allowed me to really push the atmosphere in this, SciFi meets history meets film noir! Feel free to share

'Market - Wan Chai'

'Market - Wan Chai' - I really wanted to capture the early morning feel of Wan Chai market in Hong Kong. My last trip to HK has given me so much inspiration. Emerging from my apartment in the early hours to run round the city every morning, allowed me to see the city waking up, the markets coming alive, people starting to fill the streets, a real sense of energy and excitement, i loved the vibrancy and colour of these backstreet markets. This image shows the early morning setup, a butcher hoses the floor down, shutters coming up, as people start to walk by....

'HK - Drive'

'HK Drive' - speed sketch / paint this morning, simple and clean, I felt the intricacy of the buildings lent itself to just line work, with the cars speeding passed below, line work, a touch of shading and highlight, job done....

'Sun Rise Run - Hong Kong'

'Sun rise run - Hong Kong' - I loved running in Hong Kong on my recent trip. Each morning heading out in the dark, to see the sunrise and the city waking up, before i continued painting my murals! This painting is based on one of those runs, heading back towards the apartment as the air started to become warm and humid and the streets began to buzz with people, a good way to start the day, energised and focused!

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