Happy New Year!

What a fanstastic year 2017 has been! I have painted epic scale murals in 9 countries, painted large scale canvas paintings and digital paintings and also managed to squeeze in 3 marathons, 2 ultra marathons and 3 half marathons! 2018 is going to be bigger and better!!! Wishing everyone much love and happiness, and a peace filled and prosperous New Year!

'Catching My Breath'

'Catching My Breath' - So I decided to paint this quiet, stark Tokyo / Shibuya backstreet scene. When I stayed in Tokyo for a month earlier this year, I was struck by the geometry and beauty of these still, peaceful backstreets. Such a contrast to the chaos of Shibuya just a few corners away. Utterly still, serene, almost like time had frozen. Quiet and peaceful, the sound of a bird in the sky, a figure walking in the distance, in shadow from the ultra bright sun, like a light bulb about to burn itself out, over saturated, too bright, eyes squinting. Shadows and lines criss crossing the road, like a hidden map only visible at certain times of the day...quite a magical place, somewhere still,

'City Of London'

'City Of London' - My recent large scale commissioned painting completed in my studio! Acrylic and spray paint 50 x 30 inches. This painting really captures the feeling I had in the City, rain pouring down, creating almost like coloured sparks of water as it hit the ground with such force. Rivers of colour flowing into shimmering pools of light on the pavement, as people rushed by....

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